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When and Why should I restore?

Restoration should occur when you want to conserve, maintain and protect your family treasure or investment. Restoration can return your art or frame to its original beauty.

Original Oils and Acrylics on canvas or board
  • Neutralizing, cleaning and removal of surface dirt, stains, wall paint, smoke, etc.
  • Removal of old linseed oil and yellowing varnishes.
  • Restoration of improperly over-painted and unprofessionally repaired paintings.
  • Restoration and repairs on badly cracked or blistered paintings.
  • Lining or adding new canvas backings to torn or damaged paintings.
  • Repairing of holes, tears, dents, scrapes, scratches and flaking paint.
  • Filling and repainting missing areas and badly damaged areas (exact color and brush stroke matching).
  • Re-stretching and tightening of loose canvases.
  • Replacement of damaged or broken stretcher bars.
  • Final varnishing and drying.
Watercolors, Serigraphs, Etchings, Engravings, and other paper art
  • Neutralization of acidity in the artís paper.
  • Archival conservation mounting of art on proper archival backing.
  • Repairing of holes, tears, scrapes, cuts, paper punctures and dents.
  • Removal of dirt and other soiling.
  • Repainting and restoration of the art image.
  • Repair and air brushing on damaged antique sepia photos.
  • Archival Conservation framing with ultraviolet protective glazing.
Antique and Contemporary Frames
  • Corner repair, re-gluing and closing.
  • Replace missing ornamentation by casting new or carving to match.
  • Repair of cracked or broken plaster.
  • Touch-up of missing gold leaf.
  • Full re-gilding (oil sizing or water gild - 23k gold).
  • Refinishing of natural wood frames.

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